Pretzman Address

Pretzman closed his address by stating: Who can estimate what part Masonry has had in the moral development of our Commonwealth? Its influence is exerted in the silence of the human heart and the human soul and although not seen or uttered, its persuasionand force move on like a resistless tide. In every community of our State (for Masonry was established on a few years after Ohio was settled) this influence has been at work, making men better citizens, better husbands, better fathers. Though the influence has been silent, it has been none the less powerful. To the church we have been an auxiliary; to the State in peace and war we have been a column of strength; of every great moral movement we have been staunch supporters. This, my Brothers is our contribution to religion, morality, and good government.

SIG note: The exact source of this is unknown. I believe Pretzman was a Past Grand Master of Ohio. JS

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