The York Cross of Honour

Masons who have been the presiding officer of a Symbolic (Blue) Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons , a Chapter of Royal Arch Masons, a Council of Royal and Select Masons, and a Commandery of Knights Templar are eligible for nomination and then invitation to receive the York Cross of Honour.

The honor is not given automatically as the candidate must be voted on by the members of the Priory as an indicator of having contributed outstanding service to the Fraternity and to the community.

The honor is given during a ceremony of reception which has no obligation and does not contribute any additional Masonic light to the candidate. Therefore, the ceremony is not considered a degree.

The Order does not exist as a mutual admiration society where members congratulate each other on their accomplishments. Neither is it a Masonic research or study society nor a philanthropic organization. Of course, many members enjoy research activities and contribute to Masonic and other charities, but this is not the main purpose.

Upon being knighted, the recipients are reminded that their days of service to the Fraternity and mankind have not ended, but have just begun.

The Convent General is the governing body of the York Cross of Honour. The Convent General does sponsor the Medical Research Foundation for Leukemia. 

Locally, Knights belong to the Priory. Knights in Ohio belong to Ohio Priory #18. Ohio is divided into four districts and meets four times a year, once in each district. The annual meeting is held in November in the home district of the Eminent Prior (presiding officer of the Priory).

Excerpted from:
A Primer, Ohio Priory #18, Knights of the York Cross of Honour