"At Journey's End" - Brooklyn Lodge No. 454, F. & A.M.

The Temple has fallen
   To dust and decay;
The Spirit departed --
   And flown away.

As the waves are silent
   Along the shore,
Your voice is still --

The wondrous beauty
   Of the Sky and Tree
In the Morning Glow --
   No more wil you See.

No more to Hear
   The bird on the wing,
Or with rapture Listen --
   To all Nature sing.

To Smell the rose
   That perfumes the air
Will never more --
   Be yours to share.

The Heart is still
   Within the Breast,
No more Love --
   The Ones held best.

No, never again
   Will you Feel the Grip
Of the Master Mason --
   In good Fellowship.

The Sun has set
   Low in the West,
And now you Sleep --
   In Eternal Rest.

This Mortal Coil
   You have set aside
For the Celestial Lodge --
   Where you now Abide.

 Your destiny now
   Has been fulfilled,
And you are Home --
   As GOD has Willed.

But still you live
   In the Heart and Mind
Of the Brethren here --
   That you left behind.

So, rest you well,
   Your Labor is o'er,
And we'll meet again --
   On that distant Shore.

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