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Fifth Division Knights Templar of Ohio

This page contains a list of the Inspections and events for Commanderies of the 5th Division, Knights Templar of Ohio, which is composed of counties.  

Fifth Division Council for Templar Advancement Officers 2005-2006

Contact information on this page is provided for Masonic purposes only.  All persons listed on this page request that their names and phone numbers are not used for telemarketing, business contacts or any other non-Masonic use.  Any such use of this information constitutes a violation of Federal Telecommunications rules and may result in prosecution of the responsible parties.

First Vice President
Second Vice President
Third Vice President 
Division Membership Chairman
Mark W. Bruns
Holy Land Pilgrimage Chairman
David W. Phaneuf
K. T. Eye Foundation Chairman
John R. Smith
Educational Foundation Chairman
Grand Commander
David M. Snyder, Sr. (Dorothy)
Division Commander/Grand Junior Warden
John R. Clime (Mary)
Deputy Division Commander
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Jeff Slattery, MPS, KYCH, Fellowr Webmaster
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Mt. Vernon Commandery #1

3880 Reed Road
Upper Arlington, OH 43220-4829
Stated: First Monday, 7:30 PM
Chartered: September 16, 1818
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Clinton Commandery #5

2 1/2 Public Square
Mount Vernon, OH 43050-3210
Stated: Fourth Monday, 7:30 PM
Chartered: July 22, 1843
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St. Lukes Commandery #34

46 North Fourth Street
Newark, OH 43055-5205
Stated: Second Tuesday, 7:30 PM
Chartered: October 15, 1886
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Marion Commandery #36

119 West Church Street
Marion, OH 43305-3709
Stated: Second Thursday, 7:30 PM
Chartered: September 16, 1880
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Columbus Commandery #69

1276 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43201-0066
Stated: Second Saturday, 7:30 PM
Chartered: September 16, 1920
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Willis Commandery #82

65 North Main Street
London, OH 43140-1242
Stated: Fourth Thursday, 7:30 PM
Chartered: October 8, 1951
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